The Japanese have shown a competitor BMW X6 - coupé-crossover Honda ZDX

Child brand Japanese automakers Honda - brand luxury car Acura - showed a new concept for the motor show in New York. Coupé-crossover ZDX must take the brand into an entirely new segment. 

The Japanese calculated that the concept ZDX will compete with the German premium-class crossover BMW X6. No wonder the same «Honda» called «Japanese BMW». 

The Germans created a «X-sixth» in style coupe, backed format called Sports Activity Coupe. Japanese analog more Recalls coupe, although ZDX this car with a full 5-door body, and high as a crossover planting. Feather lines fall back roof and hidden rear door handles - the intricate mix of stylistic devices used to the new road coupe. So Acura sees its future 

«ZDX - truly luxury coupe. Emotional body lines, combined with luxurious decor and amazing versatility, allowing the model to attract new buyers to the brand », - said at the welcoming speech, Vice President Acura Jeff Conrad. 

At first glance it seems that the engineers have tried to combine in one car and a sports sedan crossover brand. Current features allow to accurately determine the Acura, but the body itself raises questions. Unusually low, and this seemingly normal crossover longish body attracts the attention of aggressive angular forms. Crossover length is 4.9 meters in width - about 2 meters (1.99 m), wheelbase - 2.75 meters, height - 1.57 meters. Selected rival - BMW X6 has the same parameters in length - 4,99 m, width - 1,98 m wide, but at 13 cm above the «Japanese» - 1,70 m and has a larger wheel base - 2.93 meters. 

A lot of sharp lines, which are present in virtually all details of exterior vehicle and create a sense of swiftness. «From the very first sketch, I wanted to create a car that all of its kind to show what should be the sports coupe», - the chief designer shares his impressions on the exterior concept Michelle Christensen. 

The front of the car safely in the design issues, rather than serial model. Futuristic front optics in the future will become more familiar headlights, and an unusual grille likely typical «hondovskuyu» trapeze. Separately worth mentioning stern. Immediately noticeable that worked on it long and carefully. First, it was made on the same principle as the BMW X6: Zadran high shoulder line, a sloping rear glass, which is difficult to discern what is happening on the road, and opens up the door of the luggage. Are the rear headlamp shape is slightly reminiscent of optics new models Audi. 

Premium-class requires, but because the interior of the car roads, and effects. White and black contrasts in the design of interior. Rich equipment guessed by the number of devices, but the details could be considered disadvantages. For example, unusually Budget is the gear selector: simple leather «knob» recalls Japanese «Economy Class». 

By becoming aggressive appearance Acura ZDX receive powerful motor. V-shaped «six», completely made of aluminum, combined with a 6-step «machine» and «intelligent» full drive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, said a press release the company. Start a new crossover sales in the U.S. is scheduled for autumn this year.